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Depression is the disease of 21st century. This is an affective state of mood characterized by a negative emotional background with changes in motivational and cognitive spheres and general passivity of behavior.

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It is widely believed that depression is simply a change in mood and a pessimistic outlook on life. However, this is just a common misconception and if left untreated, depression can proceed into a serious form, and worse comes to worse, it can lead to suicide. Most of people are tend to obscure the suffering from depression, but it is worth remembering that depression is a disease that in need of treatment. There are a few methods of depression treatment and they are quite effective, however, only about 10% of patients who need it receive the required therapy. Some of them simply do not take their diagnosis seriously and others are not ready to admit that they suffer from a mental disorder and in most cases this is due to the stigmatization of such diseases in society.

Am I surely depressed?

Let’s look at the review of some implicit sings of this disease:

Isolation. The depressed people are tend to seek solitude, because they want to understand themselves and their feelings, and it is quite difficult to do this in society. If your acquaintance has always been sociable but then suddenly became closed and indecisive, this may well be a sign of depression.

Running out of gas. Depression is a rather arduous thing. That’s why people who constantly analyze themselves and their actions trying to understand what happens to their lives, always feel tired. “Depression takes away a huge amount of energy, so there remains no time to solve important everyday tasks.

Changes in appearance. If your friend suddenly began losing or gaining weight without rational reasons, you should think about it. In both cases, there may be eating disorders, but anorexia or bulimia are invariably go hand in hand by depressive moods. Weight swings are a surprisingly common symptom of people who are depressed.

If signs of depression are so implicit this means that anyone may be ill, especially, if you’ve found out that you have one of these symptoms. The first questions that springs to mind is «How do I treat depression»? – right? The answer is antidepressants. They work at the biochemical level and affect the nerve impulse. It should be noted that the new generation preparations have minimal side effects. Thus, there exist two ways of buying drugs: in the first case a patient visits his personal doctor, the doctor diagnoses the client and the patient gets prescription. This way is considered the most expensive and takes much time. In another case, if you do not want to waste your time going to your doctor or to the nearest pharmacy, just click on our website and chose the most appropriate drugs for you. Buy antidepressants with no prescriptions, without seeing a doctor, quickly and anonymously – all the packages are delivered without any logotypes, marks or indications.

What about delivery time? We offer our clients next day delivery fee, overnight delivery or any other convenient time or place.

How do antidepressants work?

Tests carried out and other research methods show that depression is directly related to the way of thinking and patterns of behavior formed under its influence. One of the symptoms associated with the creation and strengthening of such models is a decrease of the activity of certain neurotransmitters.

Drugs affect this activity, but not the way of thinking – the cause of depression.

With the right medication there is symptomatic relief or even their complete disappearance.

Can depression reappear?

One more important point is that you must be able to avoid repeating this disease.

To prevent relapses, the patient needs to master the skill to cope with life situations effectively and stop taking them in a depressive manner.

This does not mean that we must adhere to an unrealistic image of perception. This implies the ability of handling situations adequately, controlling your own feelings and emotions. And just in this case extremely effective cognitive, behavioral or medical therapy will be our help.

Positive experiences increase serotonin levels just like antidepressants. Negative self-analysis reduces serotonin levels.

Treatment of depression should be focused on developing the client’s skills to get rid of depression and not to let it reappear; it’s more like an “vaccine against depression” than “healing by magic.”

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