The band recently inherited 14 filing cabinets and about 80 tubs of music from our dearly departed former conductor, John Pickeral. We have had to rent storage space in Arlington, VA in order to vacate the premises of John’s former home. We will use the storage space to sort, triage and catalog the vast amount of music. We anticipate this endeavor to take us into the spring.

Because of the sheer number of scores, we had to rent the largest-size storage unit, which does not come cheap. We would greatly appreciate any and all financial help people could provide. We are a 501c3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible. We would also appreciate any donations of tubs or filing cabinets, as many of the ones we moved are in bad shape.

The before. We had to dispose of anything not in tubs or filing cabinets (and some of the filing cabinets and tubs as well) because of the critters that found their way into the garage:


At the storage space, ready for work:

20161030_192420 20161030_192431

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