Market Square Concerts – March 6, 2018

Tuesday afternoon, March 6, 2018, in Market Square, Old Town Alexandria, VA, see both of our featured groups at the Old Town Arts and Crafts Festival.

The swing band plays at 3:30 and the concert band at 4:30.

The swing band features some of the classics of the swing era: “In the Mood”, “Sentimental Journey”,”Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, etc! etc!

The concert band will feature some Celtic stylings old and new with David Holsinger ‘s Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong, A Longford Legend by Robert Sheldon, and music from the film “How to Train Your Dragon” Plus some Sousa favorites, and a fantastic finale of film music – “Hollywood Milestones.”

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Market Square Concert

Free public concert at Beautiful Market Square, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. 7:30 pm Friday, July 31, 2015.

Maestro Jack Dusek.

1. Under the Big Tent, Ned Brill, Barnum & Bailey’s Bandmaster (1913)
2. Highlights from Frozen from Disney’s Animated Feature Frozen (Vuelie, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, For the First Time in Forever, Let it Go, Epilogue), Arranged by Sean O’Loughlin
3. Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong, David R. Holsinger
4. Chicago, Fred Fischer; Arranged by Ferde Grofe (1922)
5. A Longford Legend (A Collection of Irish Street Ballades): I. A Longford Legend; II.Young Molly Bawn; III. Killyburm Brae, Robert Sheldon
6. How to Train Your Dragon, Music from the Motion Picture, John Powell, Arranged by Sean O’Loughlin
7. Hollywood Milestones, Arranged by John Higgins

Sheet Music Fundraiser

The band’s sheet music fundraiser has received $250. We have additional matching pledges of $400.

The band is only $150 short of meeting our $400 basic donation goal (plus four $100 matching pledges).

Won’t you please help by donating?

Officers are accepting cash and checks, and the band’s web site links to PayPal donations. See the “Donate” tab above, or click here for PayPal:

Thank you!


On April 12, 2013, the next year’s officers, as proposed by the nominating committee, were elected by a unanimous membership vote and installed immediately.

President: Dean Eveland
Vice President: Donna Clark
Treasurer: Linda Smith
Secretary: Vonda Delawie

Rehearsals Friday 28 September and 5 October

Musical rehearsal spaces continue. This week and next week we are at:

Del Ray United Methodist Church
100 E. Windsor Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301

Swing band from 7-8pm

Concert band from 8-10pm

Bring a stand as the church does not have them. Thanks to trumpet Ross  for getting us this space as we continue to work on a permanent rehearsal space.

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Don’t Have That Swing – Band

Swing band practice starts THIS Friday evening, January, 20th at 7pm before concert band rehearsal.

We could use any of the following:

Saxes (alto, tenor, bari)
Bass (string or tuba)
Drum Set

As usual, we expect to play one of the Market Square concerts (specific date TBD). If the full band participates in the Charlottesville festival, we may get a chance to play also in this festival.

Alexandria Citizens Band Kicks off the Music at Twilight Concert Series

Tonight the Alexandria Citizens Band kicks off Fort Ward’s Music at Twilight concert series. The downbeat will be at 7:30pm. Come on out for a great evening of music featuring Sousa marches, beloved show tunes, and classical favorites. Then join us tomorrow evening back at Market Square in Old Town Alexandria, VA for new music, also at 7:30.